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On encryption and jails

It was reported recently that Let's Encrypt had recently launched their private beta. As someone who does their best to ensure encryption is as widely-available as possible, I was excited.


New site, fantastically perl-y, because why not

Oops, and then I didn't have a blog for a few months. I pulled down my old blog (formerly located at, partially the .scot TLD launched and I wanted to move to as soon as possible, and partially because I wanted a blog system I was happier working with (The old blog was dotClear-based, and hosted at Gandi because it was a free addon and I was lazy. I'd looked around for a while to see what blogging systems I could try out, but I didn't want to go near Wordpress and none of the other systems really appealed to me. Some friends suggested I try Jekyll, but I couldn't really grok that; I also found Dapper online, but as far as static-site platforms go it wasn't the best for a blog. So I wrote my own.


Gone, but not forgotten

Just a short post today.


Why I never (or rarely) place phone calls

If I want or need to contact someone, typically the first thing I check is my instant messenger. I use Trillian, which keeps me logged into every IM service I use regularly (AIM, MSN and Gtalk). I also log into Skype on it if I need to. If the person I want to talk to isn't online or available there, I check Steam. If they're not available there, I text them. If I don't have their number or something, I message them on Facebook.


Why I love lighttpd

It's a well-known fact that I absolutely adore lighttpd. Why, you ask?