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Hi! I'm Matthew Connelly, more commonly known as Maff or Maffsie.

I'm a systems, networks, software and hardware dweeb from Scotland. I currently work as a software engineer, and in my spare time I sometimes write software. I run a Mastodon instance for queer folk and friends, I like screwing around with Docker Swarm, and I'm a begrudging enjoyer of Grafana. As well as this, I've worked on other projects including a daemon for monitoring directories and performing actions on files added to them, and a simple hybrid site generator system which powered this site for some time.




Direct contact

email, iMessage:
irc: Maff on EntropyNet and LiberaChat
telegram: @Maffsie

I also Post(tm)

cohost: @maff
steam: maffsie
tumblr: doctor-strangewolf
i don't use twitter any more, some loser bought it.