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Gone, but not forgotten


Just a short post today.

Yesterday (Wednesday the 20th), we took our dog to the vet for what we thought was a stomach bug. He's had diabetes since about July of last year, and can't have insulin without food, so we were concerned that he wasn't eating. He was diagnosed with Pancreatitis, which is treated through starving him for a few days until the pancreas heals a bit, however due to his diabetes, this could have an extremely adverse effect - he'd lost 1.5 stone over the course of a day or so already, and was in a tremendous amount of pain.

The vet informed us that, even if he pulled through and his pancreas got better, he'd be in a terribly fragile state and would have a long time to go before he regains weight - and there's a high chance of recurrence, meaning he could be in and out of the vet very often, and he was in so much pain due to it.

He was put to sleep yesterday afternoon. We were with him the whole time, and right to the end, he was wagging his tail because he was so happy to see us.

Here's to you, Max. You were a better friend and companion than anyone could ever have asked for.