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techy tangents and general life chatter from a tired sysadmin

Brief runs Mastodon v3.1.5 with minor customisations to available themes and functionality. The code which generates these customisations is posted at

Current Infrastructure

Running on two Alpine Linux VMs with Docker in Swarm mode, consists of the following.

  • Portainer stack – for swarm management and health-check APIs
  • Database – Postgres (postgres:9.6-alpine)
  • Web (2x), Streaming, Sidekiq queue runners (3x) – Mastodon (maffsie/qp-mastodon:v3.1.5)
  • Task and cache storage – Redis (redis:alpine)
  • CDN – Minio (minio/minio:latest)


Future improvements to, and any longer-term plans, are listed below. Any entries listed with a 🥧 emoji are “pie-in-the-sky” and unlikely to be realised.

  • Move from nodeports and haproxy on the firewall to auto-configured Traefik
  • Re-add elasticsearch
  • HA Postgres setup 🥧
  • HA Minio CDN setup 🥧