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File descriptor counting

Sunday, 1st Jul. 2012

Yes I know I still haven't done part two of that mail server post. I'll get it done soon, I promise.

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I hate the term 'unlimited'.

Tuesday, 26th Jun. 2012

Okay yes I know I said the second part of my mail server post was incoming, it still is, but for now I'd like to break out and complain about something again.

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How to set up effective mail systems, pt. 1

Monday, 11st Jun. 2012

So a few months ago, I moved my primary mail hosting to my own VPS. Over the months since then, I've been tweaking and adding to my mail system, and I figure it'd help both myself and others if I documented what I've done, so I'll start with a list of all the software I use.

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Virtual Servers and their providers

Saturday, 28th Apr. 2012

Since I figure it's bad form to have a blog and /only/ use it for ranting, here's a somewhat useful post. I've been with a number of different hosts over the past year or two, and I figure it'd be useful for others to know why I like or don't like them.

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Google Drive, or Why People Need To Stop Causing Unnecessary Drama

Friday, 27th Apr. 2012

So there's been some ruckus lately because, following the launch of Google Drive, people took to the internet to compare the Terms & Conditions of Google Drive, to that of Dropbox and SkyDrive. The main point seems to be that people see Google Drive's T&Cs as being too unrestrictive. Case in point:!/jmacdonald/s...

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The Journey of a Thousand Frustrations Begins with a Single Step

Monday, 16th Apr. 2012

There are times when linux frustrates me. Not with issues specific to one distro, but software packages in general which are written for linux.

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