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Notes on Open Live Writer and Chyrp-Lite

In my specific environment, for some reason, the default code in IXR-Server::output(str) is Bad. Removing the header(str) calls allows it to work. Needs investigation as to what the fuckle is going on.

XMLRPC.php needs updated to map `blogger.getUsersBlogs` to `this:metaWeblog_getUsersBlogs`. Also needs to map `blogger.deletePost` to `this:metaWeblog_deletePost`

Need to check what the purpose of `/wlwmanifest.xml` is, as OLW requests it frequently

OLW doesn’t support markdown but Chyrp-Lite seems happy with the HTML it sends over. Need to work out how to add better styling (code blocks and inline code etc) to it, if that’s possible.

path for blogger.getUsersBlogs(garbage, user, passwd) is, includes/rpc.php –> includes/lib/XMLRPC.php –> includes/lib/IXR/Server.php –> serve() –> includes/lib/XMLRPC.php –> metaWeblog_getUsersBlogs() –> auth() –> includes/lib/IXR/Server.php –> output() –> sends some headers manually followed by the XML itself.

it DOES actually send it all (far as I can determine) so something else is wrong here; error could be happening between docker container and traefik loadbalancer, or between traefik loadbalancer and haproxy in opnsense.

my feeling is haproxy might be more likely at fault than traefik. unsure.

patches to submit:

- OLW should attempt metaWeblog.getUsersBlogs and metaWeblog.deletePost first when MetaWeblog is the selected API, for compatibility it could fallback to blogger.getUsersBlogs and blogger.deletePost if the MW equivalent fails

- OLW should be able to detect the RPC address via <link rel=”pingback”

- Chyrp-Lite XMLRPC should perhaps support blogger verbs as an alias to MW equivalent API calls

- I feel like maybe it’d be not bad to actually *use* the Client ID token transmitted as arg[0] in the getUsersBlogs call. maybe i’m wrong tho.

- pending investigation, IXR Server should not rawdog the output